Cut flowering chrysanthemum: varietal improvement interventions (CRIREC)

RDP 2014-2020 Measure 16.01


Recover, rehabilitate and make available to Ligurian growers varieties of cut flowering chrysanthemums that are very commercially attractive but have now disappeared from the catalogs of both Dutch and Danish breeders.


Florcoop Sanremo sca
IPSP-CNR of Turin
CREA-OF of Sanremo

Project duration

01/03/2021 – 30/11/2022


The project

Examples of chrysanthemum varieties that have disappeared from the catalogs of major breeders include Dilana, Snowdon, and Turner, which are still in demand in the domestic market but have lost the variety’s inherent positive characteristics due to viral diseases spread by continuous agamic propagation.

To restore these varieties, sampling was conducted for:

  1. Diagnosis of viruses and viroids with Next Generation Sequencing techniques to recognize known and novel viral forms with molecular diagnostic assays for control of rehabilitated plants
  2. Taking plant material for remediation. Plants were placed in vitro, restored by heat treatments, and following meristem collection were micropropagated in vitro. Restored plants were set in a greenhouse with insect proof net to have a pool of mother plants:
        • Checked for the absence of viruses
        • For the production of agamic material to meet territorial needs

Download the slides produced for the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS)

Download the slides from the December 3, 2021 seminar of CREA-OF in San Remo

Download the slides from the December 3, 2021 seminar at CNR-IPSP Turin

Download slides on rehabilitation of virus-infected chrysanthemum varieties from the July 29, 2022 practical demonstration

Download the slides from the November 04, 2022 CREA-OF seminar in San Remo

Download the slides from the November 04, 2022 seminar at CNR-IPSP in Turin, Italy

Download Protected Crops article, “Chrysanthemum, the sector can restart in Liguria.”

Download the final project brochure


Development of an NGS diagnosis system

Development of an NGS diagnostic system capable of obtaining information on the viral/viroid infection status of chrysanthemum varieties important to western Liguria and a protocol system for the rehabilitation of endangered varieties.

Practical demonstration 29/07/2022.



Results of virological analysis and remediation performed on cut flowering chrysanthemum varieties

The video shows the results obtained as a result of the application of NGS techniques on cut flowering chrysanthemum varieties of particular interest to western Liguria such as Turner, Dilana and Snowdon highlighting new viruses and a viroid present in the material and, after remediation, the availability of pink Dilana material completely virus-free and therefore ready to be propagated and distributed to Ligurian flower growers

Seminar 04/11/2022.