The Story

A cooperative with more than 40 years of history always close to farmers

Since 1980 always protagonists of Ligurian floriculture

Florcoop’s history is more than 40 years old; the company was founded as a consortium of cooperatives to give more bargaining power to agricultural producers at the marketing stage. From the first steps taken within the Sanremo flower market, today the cooperative has become one of the most important companies in Italy in the production and sale of cut flowers and potted plants. In 2020 it incorporated the cooperatives Agricoltori Riviera dei Fiorie Dol.Va.Pre becoming a reference for all agricultural sectors.

The beginnings of the Consortium

In its early years, the consortium took advantage of the organization and know-how of one of the founding cooperatives, New Floriculture, to consolidate its action in the local market. By the early ’90s, export activity was almost non-existent and sales to the local market were about 90% of total, with the remaining being shipped to italian customers. Thus, the consortium’s activities basically aimed at supplying Sanremo with merchants and exporters who then in turn distributed the product throughout the country and abroad.

Those were magical years for Sanremo floriculture, this market turned out to be the most important not only in Italy but among the most important in Europe especially on certain products such as cut flowers and some greenery and flowering fronds.
In the mid-1990s Florcoop began an export phase anticipating future difficulties in the domestic market, which was increasingly oriented in consumption toward products from the Dutch market.

Opening of branches

In 2000, Florcoop embarked on a new business strategy: theopening of the first stores a Cuneo and Brescia which was followed by Alba in 2002, Milan and Savona in 2003, Asti in 2006, Moncalieri in 2007, and Reggio Emilia in 2009, pursuing the goal of selling directly to florists or garden centers.

Another strategy to broaden its business offerings has been to target the market for potted plants. Commercialization began in 2007, and in 2010 the incorporation of the Gamma cooperative provided important insights into this area.

Year 2010: the Joint Cooperative Group is born.

On Feb. 2, 2010, the six companies Florcoop Sanremo sca, Nuova Floricoltura sca, Cooperativa Floricoltori Riviera dei Fiori sca, Floricoltori Vallefiorita sca, Pietrafleur sca and Riviera Agricoltura srl formed the Joint Cooperative Group “Florcoop.” The goal is to create economies of scale through centralized management of administrative, commercial, and logistics departments.

In the same year, the new headquarters was acquired in Taggia, a facility totaling 4,000 square meters that still represents the star center in which a good portion of the members’ goods are brought in, processed and transformed for marketing in Italy and abroad.

Mergers: Flower Riviera Farmers and Dol.Va.Pre

In 2014, the merger by incorporation of New Floriculture, the group’s largest and most organizationally structured cooperative in terms of membership, takes place.

In 2019, the Cooperatives Agricoltori Riviera dei Fiori and Dol.Va.Pre are incorporated, as a result Florcoop Sanremo expands its activities in the field of agricultural andagribusiness products(wine and Taggiasca olive).

Today Florcoop is an economically and socially important entity, with more than 1,500 members, 130 people employed, 18 hectares under direct cultivation, and 15,000 square meters of space for logistics.