Flowers, Greenery and Plants

Among the most important companies in Italy in the production and marketing of floricultural products

Our offer

Our products are mainly grown by producers on the Riviera dei Fiori, in the heart of Italy’s most important floricultural district.The most important production areas are San Remo for cut flowers and Albenga for aromatic plants and daisies.



More than 400 associated producers supply the cooperative daily by delivering their product to pick-up points in Taggia, Vallecrosia, and Vallebona and Albenga.


To supplement members’ production, we cooperate with more than 300 external Italian and European suppliers.


There are 16 hectares cultivated directly by Florcoop where ranunculus, variegated pittosporum, daisies and potted aromatic plants predominate.


We serve hundreds of customers on the Italian, European and Japanese territory from our outlets every day.

flowers greenhouse hillock of sanremo

Production farms

The cooperative since the year 2015 has started direct farm management, without competing with members’ production. The areas cultivated and conducted directly by the cooperative in 2023 total 16 hectares, located in several municipalities in the Liguria Region (Sanremo, Taggia, Dolceacqua, Pigna, Soldano in the Province of Imperia, Albenga, Cisano sul Neva, and Ortovero in the Province of Savona). The hectares planted with cut flowers and foliage are 4.6 hectares, those planted with potted plants are 6 hectares, those planted with vines are 4.7 hectares, and those planted with olives are 0.7 hectares. These productions are additions to the production of our members, as they are unable to fully meet the cooperative’s business needs.

Wholesale trade

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Cut Flowers and Ornamental Greenery

Fragrant, colorful and elegant, in Florcoop in addition to bulk products you can find beautiful bouquets


We devote great attention to product standardization to ensure our customers’ high quality


Fast daily deliveries of fresh flowers with our 40 vehicles while respecting the cold chain


Over forty years of experience in the field allows us the utmost professionalism in advising our clients

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Potted plants

We specialize in herbs and daisies but can offer our customers plants from all over the world


Wide choice

Thanks to our production and supply channels, we can provide a wide selection of items


We label all our products ensuring full traceability from producer to end consumer

Always fresh products

With more than 3000 m² of refrigerated rooms, we guarantee the supply of cut flowers and greenery always fresh

Environmental Sustainability


The 99-kilowatt photovoltaic system enables a 35 percent reduction in energy consumption at the Taggia headquarters, resulting in 75 tons less carbon dioxide being emitted into the air on an annual basis.


Our plants are grown in pots made from up to 100 percent recycled plastic from recycling industrial waste and post-consumer food.


We use substrates with reduced peat content (<50%), actively contributing to the protection of peatlands, which play a fundamental naturalistic role.


Florcoop’s certifications ensure that proper procedures are taken to maintain product traceability.


Florcoop since 2019 has joined the international protocol provided by the Global G.a.p. brand option 2 (marketing). In 2020 obtains certification option 1 (production) for aromatic plants.

GLOBAL GAP - CoC 4063061041135

agricultural insurance program that translates consumer needs into good agricultural practices.


Florcoop San Remo since 2022 has joined the voluntary GRASP protocol.
Good agricultural practices are not just about products; they are also about people.


Certification of good corporate social practices, correct and fair behavior toward employees


Florcoop San Remo has been a member of the GGN Label Platform since 2020. The GGN label stands for certified, responsible and transparent agriculture.


guarantees the customer full traceability of purchased products.