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Our technicians are available for comprehensive agricultural advice in subjects such as soil testing, cultivation techniques, pathogen and pest monitoring, and more.



We collect soil, water, and plant material samples to send to specialized testing laboratories and then provide fertilization recommendations and appropriate technical solutions


We provide expert technical assistance so that agricultural producers make correct agronomic decisions on field activities, supporting them in making choices that optimize results.


Thanks to qualified personnel, we are the only agency in the Province of Imperia authorized to check and calibrate equipment used by companies for the distribution of plant protection products.


Disposal of empty phytosanitary product containers is a mandatory requirement and is carried out at our outlets in Camporosso, Imperia and Taggia.


We carry out cultivation trials to assess their production yield and adaptability to our soil and climate conditions, and then provide useful advice to growers for new plantings.


We cooperate with external consultants, such as university professors and plant nutrition experts to carry out projects, professional training courses and organize conferences.

The Control of Spray Machines

Functional control of equipment for professional use, used in both agricultural and non-agricultural settings, is mandatory under Article 12 of Legislative Decree No. 150/2012 and consists of the verification of the main mechanical parts of the sprayer and how they are used according to the methodology indicated at the national level by the Decree of January 22, 2014 concerning the adoption of the National Action Plan for the Sustainable Use of Plant Protection Products (Pan).


Sprayer functional check request

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