Cut flowers and potted plants

Wide range of products grown in western Liguria

A history of passion, product care and customer focus since 1980

Florcoop is an agricultural cooperative established to centralize the processing and sale of floricultural products from western Liguria in Italy and abroad, with the aim of protecting their quality. Over the years, it has differentiated its activities by incorporating the cooperative Farmers Riviera dei Fiori, a reference in western Liguria in the field of products for agriculture and in the production of the Rossese wine and the cooperative Dol.Va.Pre., specializing in the production and marketing of olives and EVO oil of the taggiasca variety.

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Italian flowers and plants

The climatic conditions of western Liguria favor the production of cut flowers and ornamental greenery.

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Agricultural products

We offer farmers the best agronomic techniques by employing specialized phytoiatric technicians.

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Wine and Taggiasca olive

In 2007, the cooperative created the Maixei line of wines, and in the following years it started selling taggiasca olives.

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Training services, technical advice on products, fertilization plans and phytosanitary assistance.

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Flowers, greenery and potted plants

Florcoop sells floriculture products of its associates in Italy and abroad. In recent years, it has started to cultivate with the aim of integrate the production of its associates. Today he farms directly on an area of 16 hectares.

agricultural products

Agricultural products

In the complex management of the agricultural enterprise, the proper use of technical tools is a key factor in achieving good economic and quality results . In Florcoop you can find: fertilizers, topsoils, equipment, pots and other products.

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    Maixei Wines

    Among the producers of Rossese DOC a prominent place undoubtedly belongs to our cooperative, which stands out for the quality and quantity of wine produced. Other DOCs produced and marketed are Vermentino and Pigato.