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Find out how to become a member of the cooperative to confer your product and get benefits in purchasing farm equipment

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Florcoop’s commercial structure ensures that our members can purchase agricultural products at the best price and that cut flower and plant producers can contribute their product by taking advantage of the cooperative’s marketing channels.

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The Bylaws and Regulations of Conferment

The new bylaws were approved in 2019 at the time of the last mergers by incorporation to allow the cooperative to regulate the three business sectors: floriculture, agricultural means, and agribusiness.

The new contribution regulations approved in 2022 aim to regulate the admission and the resulting social relationship with regard to cooperative members, the different categories of contributing members, the manner of contribution and the related terms of liquidation, and the rules characterizing the individual products contributed.

Become a Florcoop member

Becoming a member is very simple, follow these three steps or go to one of our stores:

Fill out the application

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Make payment

Makes payment for subscribed social shares

Submit question

Send the application to our office

Membership Assembly

Florcoop members are invited to attend meetings held either in person at the registered office or remotely via the video conferencing platform.


FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2022 at 8:30 p.m. at the Taggia headquarters.


  1. Acknowledgment and ratification of the minutes of the Board of Directors’ meeting held on 03/31/2022 on the appointment of budget certification – three-year period 2021/2023 – pursuant to Art. 15 of Law 59/92;
  2. Presentation of the financial statements for the year ending December 31, 2021, reading of the management report, the report of the auditing body, and the report of the certifying company;
  3. Approval of the budget as of December 31, 2021; deliberations on the allocation of the operating result;
  4. Reduction of withholding tax on members’ contributions for the year 2021: conversion of debt into share capital in the amount of 50% of such debt and deliberations on the timing of payment of the remaining 50%;
  5. Approval of internal conferral regulations.