Promotion and information of certified agricultural and floricultural products in the domestic market

RDP 2014-2020 Measure 03.02


Promotional activity held at the Milan fair from February 23 to February 25, 2022, targeting importers, manufacturers, and retailers in the floriculture sector during which we presented the importance of the GlobalG.A.P. brand.

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Florcoop San Remo sca

Project duration

04/05/2020 – 03/05/2022


The project

The Promotional Activity was held Feb. 23-25, 2022 at MyPlant in Milan, a trade show aimed at importers, producers, and retailers in the floriculture sector. An international reference point for the green sector and related supply chains, the three-day MyPlant event channels hundreds of exhibitors, thousands of operators from around the world, renowned speakers and the international jet-set of sales channels into the halls of the Milan Rho fairgrounds.

During the event, wholesale and retail companies in Italy in the wholesale sector were contacted, to which Florcoop presented the GlobalGAP-certified productions of its members, emphasizing the importance of cultivation methods that respect the preservation and protection of theenvironment and guarantee safety for the final consumer. These productions are the strength of our cooperative, and their characteristics and quality (scents, aromas, typical of the Liguria region) were emphasized. An attempt was made to make people understand, especially for aromatic plants, the importance of provenance, which allows this commodity to be differentiated from those from other production areas, which respects seasonality as opposed to continuous-cycle production.

One of the messages that we have tried to convey is the fact that our products do not naturally need to be treated, as both the climatic conditions of the areas where they are produced and the product selected through years of experience make it possible to have plants of very high quality Without the use of health-damaging chemicals. During the event, the opportunity was also taken to propose innovative packaging, explaining its types of use and making clear the importance (for the environment) of switching to this type of material, while still ensuring the quality and freshness of the product.